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UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

UFOs and Nukes Robert Hastings documentary

Washington Press Conference - UFOs and Nukes

An important press conference was held in the US capital on September 27th 2010. It took place at The National Press Club and was hosted by the researcher Robert Hastings and Robert Sallas. Several retired people from the US armed forces talked about their UFO/nuke-related experiences from the cold war.  NPC - Article on AolNews - Reuters - Fox News - Daily Mail - The Telegraph - CNN - Watch the press conference here.

Wendelle Stevens passes away

We are sorry to hear that retired Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens passed away on September 7th 2010. Stevens has through a long life and an extensive career contributed significantly to the raising of the public awareness of the UFO-penomenon. Read more about him here.

Royal Society event

The Royal Society is planning a new mini-conference about detection of life in the universe and a social and political agenda: "Towards a scientific and societal agenda on extra-terrestrial life". It will take place on October 4th and 5th 2010. The event is organised by Dr Martin Dominik and Professor John Zarnecki. Four panel discussions are scheduled: 1) Calling ET, or not even answering the phone? 2) Societal questions raised by the detection of extra-terrestrial life. 3) What could studies of extra-terrestrial life tell us about the future of humanity? 4) Extra-terrestrial life and arising political issues for the UN agenda. Read more on the Royal Society's website .

FOX News - Leslie Kean

The American journalist and author Leslie Kean was interviewed on FOX News at end of August 2010. She talked about her new book: "UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record". The conversation was surprisingly serious. FOX normally ridicules the subject, but not this time. Watch Leslie Kean on FOX News here.