Press Conference DVD

A DVD covering the NPC-event  in November is out now! See a small sample.

Press Conference Finished

Former Governor Fife Symington shared his own sighting of a huge delta shaped craft at the press conference in Washington DC. Several former pilots and military people also told the public about their encounters at the National Press Club. The event was announced on Larry King Live and was later covered by e.g. CNN (1), CNN (2) and KPHO. Læs artikel på dansk.

Press Conference in DC

Former Governor Fife Symington will moderate a press conferece in Washington on November the 12th. The participants are not associated with the exopolitical movement, but it is expected that some of the topics are highly relevant. Read the News Advisory. Comment from James Fox at the exopolitical conference in Rome (video: Exopolitics Germany).

CNN - Larry King

James Fox who is behind the documentary Out of the Blue was on the Larry King show again on the 9th of November 2007. Former Sgt. Jim Penniston, Former Colonel Charles Halt, actress Shirley MacLain, and former Governor Fife Symington were also there. Watch the show on CNN