John McCain on UFOs

Super Tuesday showed that John McCain is likely to become the Republican Party's presidential candidate. Will journalists continue to ask him questions about UFOs as he gets closer to the White House? McCain once mentioned that he was interested in UFOs. He made this statement when he was confronted by a journalist at a press conference. McCain referred to the Phoenix Lights episode and said that it had never been fully explained. See McCain's brief statement here.

The Tonight Show Part 2

On Feb 14th Danish national TV broadcasted another "harmless" piece on UFOs. A representative from IGAP was interviewed about his personal sightings several years ago. The many new and interesting developments were not mentioned, e.g. Fife Symington's appearance at the National Press Club in Washington. In other words: the show was not up-to-date and could just as well have been broadcasted in the seventies....z -z -z- z.

UFOs on Danish TV

The "Tonight Show" broadcasted a 9 min. piece on UFOs on Feb 13th. The clip mainly dealt with cases that could easily be explained. The political and social aspects of the phenomenon were not touched upon. The two major press conferences in Washington in 2001 and 2007 were not mentioned either. However, it is expected that a "believer" will appear on the show on Feb 14th. We will probably see a show that revolves around outdated and more or less "harmless" ufology and not around exopolitics loaded with the potential of social change. Aftenshowet - The Tonight Show

Interview with x-minister

Exopolitics Denmark has planned an interview with former Canadian Minister of Defence Hon. Paul Hellyer. Our meeting with the distinguished politician will take place at the X-conference in Washington in April. Mr. Hellyer will probably speak about why he thinks exopolitics is important and what we can expect in the future.