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The Brits release more files

The Danish national TV-station TV2 writes (20. Oct 08) that an Alitalia flight almost collided with a UFO over Kent in the UK in 1991. An American pilot was also given orders to shoot at an unidentified object over Britain. These stories come from documents which the English MoD has declassified in October 2008. Watch a piece on Sky News. Read an article on TV2's website (in Danish). Read article in The Independent, on BBC, in Berlingske Tidende (Danish), and in Politiken (Danish). Visit The National Archives' website. Watch a National Archives video. The release was also mentioned by TV2's news anchor Jes Dorph Pedersen on the 7 o'clock news the same day. The UK's, France's, Mexico's, and Brazil's openness in recent years could be interpreted as pressure on the Americans. Maybe these countries are becoming increasingly impatient with the secrecy in the US. They might want to position themselves and "wash their hands" before the final and unambiguous disclosure event.