8th Annual Meeting


Exopolitics Denmark held its 8th annual meeting on February 4th 2017 in Jægerspris north of Copenhagen. On the agenda were e.g. activities in 2016/2017, election of board members, and approval of the accounts for 2016. Mette Olesen was elected vice director and Christian Lehrmann was elected treasurer/secretary. Board members are: Frederik Uldall (director), Mette Olesen, and Christian Lehrmann. Exopolitics Denmark would like to thank the 15 members who participated in the annual meeting.

Openness in Chile


The authorities in Chile have published a UFO-case which has been studied for a couple of years. The UFO, which was observed with an infrared camera installed on a military helicopter, has not yet been identified. Once more Chile demonstrates that it is one of the most transparent countries in the world when it comes to the UFO phenomenon. Read investigative journalist Leslie Kean's article in The Huffington Post and watch videos recorded with the infrared camera.



John Podesta addresses the UFO issue on American TV

John Podesta, who leads Hilary Clinton's (presidential) campaign, has yet again spoken to the media on the subject of UFOs. Podesta has for many years advocated that USA should make its UFO files public. He has also supported journalist Leslie Kean's work by writing a forward in her excellent book "UFOs Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials go on the Record"). Journalist George Knapp (who was guest speaker at the Exopolitics Denmark's conference in 2014) presented the feature on KLAS-TV. Watch below.

Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies


The American astronaut Edgar Mitchell died on the 4th of February, 86 years old. Mitchell was the 6th man to walk on the moon in 1974 (Apollo 14). He was also well known in the UFOlogist and exopolitical circles because the many times he stated to the press that the earth had been visited by intelligent life in the universe – much on the same lines as deceased astronaut Brian O`Leary. Edgar Mitchell was also exopolitically engaged in challenging the government to publicly release UFO-files. Exopolitics Denmark had the honour of meeting the distinguished American at the X-Conference in Washington DC in 2008 and 2009.  See following. Timecode 7:10. Click on “Read more”

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