Energy and propulsion

When you are one step ahead of the crowd - you are a genius.
When you are two steps ahead - you are a crackpot.

Advanced technologies suspected to be under high classification and "locked" within compartmentalised, rogue, and perhaps illegally funded research programmes:

1. Zero-point energy systems
2. Anti-gravity propulsion systems

Some innovative scientists are beginning to take a serious look at the possibilities.

Naudin from the Global Institute of New Energy Technologies (GIFNET) demonstrates lifter technology. (In French). GIFNET is headed by the Dane Nicholas Møller and has it's HQ in Switzerland.
Kofi Annan visited GIFNET in 2005. Read a message from Kofi Annan.

Thomas Valone gives a lecture about Zero-Point Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum.
Valone is the president of the Integrity Research Institute.


Stan Deyo gives a lecture about anti-gravity
Deyo claims to have worked in a highly classified project headed by Dr. Edward Teller

Dr. Paul Czysz (former engineer at McDonnell Douglas) claims to have worked in a highly classified and compartmentalised project. Czysz is Professor Emeritus at Saint Louis University.