Declassified documents and scores of testimonies from retired military personnel, astronauts, pilots, politicians etc. demonstrate that very advanced and unknown aviation technology is present in our skies.

The UFO-technology belongs to somebody. Perhaps humans, an extraterrestrial civilisation or it could be more complicated. But who ever owns the technology it is reasonable to assume that it is not based on fossil fuels when its performance is taken into account.

The world is faced with massive environmental, humanitarian, and economic challenges. It is therefore necessary to raise the scientific and political awareness of the small percentage of strong UFO-cases that have not been explained. Could the UFO-technology be used to ameliorate the global problems?

Not a single Danish politician addresses the UFO-issue in public. Not a single Danish journalist makes inquiries into the Danish political system; e.g. who owns the extremely potent technology? Could the UFO-technology be used to stimulate growth in society? The Danish public is to a large extent uninformed about one of the biggest and most important issues in the history of mankind. Informed citizens is a cornerstone in a democracy.




In this context "disclosure" means the explicit acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence on earth.

It would ultimately be an act where a government officially and unequivocally announced that earth is being visited by at least one extraterrestrial civilisation.

The term "gradual disclosure" is also used. This often refers to the fact that many countries are gradually declassifying UFO-documents and to the fact that the mainstream media is beginning to cover the UFO-subject in a more serious and nuanced manner.

Some argue that disclosure has already happened in civil society.

Others argue that it would be impossible for an official political system to disclose an extraterrestrial presence without undermining its own sovereignty. 

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