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UFOs and Nuclear Weapons

UFOs and Nukes Robert Hastings documentary

UFO Documents

Examples of declassified UFO-documents

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Year Name Description Download  
1947 The Twining Memo Pending PDF
1949 FBI Memo Pending PDF
1951 USAF Intelligence Report Pending PDF
1952 The Chadwell Memo Pending PDF
1954 Maxwell AFB Emergency Report Pending PDF
1966 Intrusion at Minot Air Force Base Pending PDF
1967 Malmstrom AFB Pending PDF
1975 Wurtsmith Air Force Base Pending PDF
1976 Encounter over Tehran Pending PDF
1981 The Halt Memo Pending PDF
1988 U.S. Coast Guard Encounter a UFO Pending PDF
1989-90 UFOs over Belgium Pending PDF

Rough translations of Danish Documents

Year Name Description Download  
1991 Police officers saw UFO in Ordrup Pending.
Also contains newspaper article